Last week I am proud to say our team was named the best in the business journalism world for our work online. Subscribers to Property Week don’t have to pay any more than their fee for the magazine – they continue to get full access to for free.

But anyone who wants to read more than six articles in 30 days will also have to pay, either by taking a joint magazine and online subscription or an online-only subscription at a reduced rate.

We think that asking £139 for a combined Property Week and subscription is amazing value, particularly compared with other far more expensive deals.

Not only will you be reading the best journalism in business, but you will also have full access to a site which was re-designed to general acclaim last week.

We have improved navigation, paying particular attention to your regional needs.

So click on any of our regional sections and you will see all the relevant market data, professional news and analysis on that region straight away.

This way you can find all the news and deals most relevant to you straight away – all in one place, online. Then, come Friday, you can read more exclusive news, analysis, markets and professional information in the multi-award winning Property Week.

We think this is an ideal, and highly competitive, way to reward the loyal followers of our magazine.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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