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US Realty bags London Tesco from Henley for £70m

Henley Investments has sold a Tesco supermarket in Hayes, west London to Realty Income Corporation for £70m.

Tesco supermarket

Rasmala Group snaps up Manchester Tesco for £28m

The Rasmala Group has bought a Tesco superstore in Hattersley, Manchester, for £28.6m.

Tesco delivery

How supermarkets bounced back

Who would have thought ahead of this terrible pandemic that as a result of structural adjustments to the grocery trade, UK supermarket impairments would be written back to the tune of a quarter of a billion pounds in the case of Morrisons and Tesco UK alone?

Warehouse generic

Invest for the future

Logistics is booming, thanks in no small part to the year-long pandemic and people switching to buying online. This is fuelling demand for warehouses to store our future online purchases. Grocery shopping alone in the UK was trending at around 7% pre-pandemic and is now at around 14%.

Sainsbury's Ealing

Aprirose offloads Sainsbury’s supermarket for £33m

Aprirose has sold a Sainsbury’s superstore in West Ealing for £33.7m, reflecting a net initial yield of 3.45%.

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