Ken Shuttleworth’s Make will close its Edinburgh office by the end of the year as it seeks to reduce the costs of the business to face the ‘challenges of the future.

The architecture company, where as an employee-owned company all staff are partners, aid in a statement that:

‘Over the last six months we have had a reduction in partners largely thanks to natural turnover. However, due to the current economic conditions our Edinburgh studio will cease operating at Christmas with all remaining work consolidated into the London and Birmingham studios.

We continue to carefully monitor our procedures in order to ensure we remain flexible and adaptable in order to face the challenges of the future. At our summer peak Make employed over 130 people, we currently employ over 100 people.

‘Furthermore, as a strongly design-led practice we are fortunate to hold considerable skills and experience applicable to a broad range of work in a variety of contexts; accordingly, our strategy for the coming years is to build on our existing work in the UK public and private sectors while actively pursuing a range of projects and opportunities globally including in Asia and the Middle East.’