Dozens of demonstrators with the community group ACORN barged into a Washington DC office that auctions foreclosed homes in upscale Chevy Chase yesterday and shut it down for an hour, chanting 'No sales here.'

In Rye, NY, and Greenwich, Connecticut, on Sunday, more than 300 people converged on the homes of two bank executives who opposed modifying loans to help homeowners and barraged the men and their neighbors with slogans.

And in Boston, Detroit, Memphis and Cleveland, protesters against foreclosures have gathered in recent months to confront bankers amid the worst housing crisis in three generations, demanding a moratorium on foreclosures until homeowners get a bailout similar to the one given to banks.

Many of the protests and acts of civil disobedience appear to be unrelated, and some organisers said they were unaware that a coalition of grass-roots groups called the Bail Out the People Movement is planning what they hope will be a massive demonstration on Wall Street on 4 April.

Washington Post