Flexible office proptech firm essensys is launching a smart lock system on its Connect platform.



Source: Shutterstock/Sonpichit Salangsing

Connect gives flex office operators a tool to manage their portfolio and the IT infrastructure, wifi and tech services inside each of their spaces.

The new smart lock feature called Smart Access will allow customers to set up building access and controls in their flex office spaces, including access to meeting rooms.

Landlords will be able to choose between tenants getting access remotely through an app, the tap of a mobile phone, access card or QR code.

Powered by near-field communication technology, the system will allow essensys to create “further opportunities for occupiers to interact with their space using their smartphone in the future,” the company said.

On Tuesday essensys issued a trading update for the company’s second half of 2019 showing revenue of £11.4m. This is a 19% increase from £9.6m in the first half of the year.

Essensys ended the second half of 2019 with the Connect platform in 400 sites – a 32% year-on-year increase from January 2019.

“This strong H1 performance, supported by the number of contracted new Connect sites currently in delivery and a healthy pipeline, underpins the board’s confidence that full-year results will be in line with market expectations,” said Mark Furness, chief executive of essensys.

In late 2019, the firm signed a contract with French flex space provider Startway, which operates 30 collaborative workspaces, including co-working, offices and meeting rooms in France.

Startway plans to expand to 200 new spaces by 2024.

“The fact that we have a solid, comprehensive and efficient working tool like essensys allows us to approach this phase of development with confidence,” said Startway chairman Eric Martin.

“Essensys allows us to centralise everything into one tool, and beyond the time savings,” Martin continued. “We have been able to automate and simplify some of the time-consuming processes and harmonise the management of our spaces to refocus on the human aspect, which is dear to Startway.”