Wednesday PM: What a wonderful second afternoon at MIPIM.

Having had a superb lunch, we strolled down to the Jones Lang tent at the Martinez beach for the launch of their Thames Gateway study with m'learned friend, Mathew Noir (or Matt Black to most folk) who heads up the CBRE East London business.

The very lovely Vanessa Clark of JLL presided over proceedings; she's got a bit of a soft spot for me and Matt so despite the fact we're CB (and the enemy) she lets us into her gigs. Eamonn Boylan of HCA was keynote speaker - someone I trust once told me he was the most reliable person he had ever worked with, which meant a lot to me in my hopes for the HCA and the new paradigm.

Little bit of pair bonding with some senior civil servants and some inward investment types and, of course, a glass of pink wine, and we're then hot footing it back to the London Stand for the West London Reception with Steve Norris and Paul Finch. Well, I am a useless old baggage - the Martinez is further than I thought and I was late and then the venue was slightly shifted so, to cut a long story short, I missed it!

Needless to say I got a right kicking from the West London mob including Norris (who was most put out, given that it was me that asked him to speak in the first instance). Oh well. He forgave me.

Another glass of pink wine helped.