Wednesday PM: Went up to the London Stand first thing this morning in search of a much-needed coffee and a croissant, calling home in a somewhat perfunctory fashion, leaving an effusive - and only slightly defensive - voicemail, as I legged it up the steps.

Suffering from a rather dodgy knee right now so MIPIM and the particularly tough flooring of the Palais are even more punishing than ever! Am delighted to report that I was - literally - goosed by a Peer of the Realm by the City of London model as my old mate, Randle Siddeley (to me, the Lord Kenilworth to you!) attempted to save me from the attentions of some transport engineer by pinching my bottom.

Only in MIPIM!

Had a simply terrific lunch in the CBRE apartment with Peter Bishop and 20 of my closest friends to discuss the future of London development in these straitened times. A very good mix of folk and some excellent wines and cuisine made for a most convivial affair - greatly assisted by the Riviera sunlight streaming through the windows. And, facilitated by the ambience, a serious number of liaisons were being made with investors, developers and civil servants.

This is vintage MIPIM and I was proud to be part of it!