Land Securities’ Victoria Transport Interchange is set for a contentious planning meeting this Thursday when it goes before Westminster Council for the third time

The scheme, which totals nearly 1.2m sq ft next to London’s Victoria train station, is facing opposition from English Heritage and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE).

In a report before the planning committee English Heritage said it wants to raise a strong objection to the plan, which include buildings up to 13 storeys high, because the proposals ‘would harm the setting and views of and from nationally important listed buildings, conservation areas and registered parks and gardens.’

CABE said the scheme ‘needs more work before it can be considered both a convincing and high quality urban design proposition.’

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has also raised concerns that the development does not comply with the London Plan and calls for more discussion on affordable housing, mix of uses, financial contributions, strategic views, climate change, loss of hotel, provision of community facilities, car parking, cycling and a legal agreement over Crossrail.

The report suggests that the ‘limited harm to views, listed buildings and conservation areas’ is acceptable considering the wider regeneration and transportation benefits.

For the result of the meeting seeing on Friday.