BioRegional Quintain and Crest Nicholson have been named today as the developers of London’s zero carbon residential scheme at Gallions Park in Docklands

The London Development Agency announced that the partnership will develop One Gallions, which aims to provide a sustainable lifestyle for residents.

The measures to reduce carbon emissions include using renewable energy, energy efficient architecture, natural materials, integrated waste management, on site food growing and Green transport measures, such as car and cycle clubs.

BioRegional Quintain and Crest Nicholson will work alongside housing association partner Southern Housing Group to develop affordable housing.

Pete Halsall, managing director of BioRegional Quintain, said: ‘Zero carbon developments are wholly deliverable and an essential part of London’s future.

Nick Shattock, deputy chief executive of Quintain, said: ‘One Gallions will demonstrate that zero carbon developments can truly work, and we aim to bring zero carbon into the mainstream of society.’