India has become the second-largest source of foreign direct investment in London. Financial Times

Data from Think London, the foreign direct investment agency, show the rapid growth of Asian-owned companies in the capital have helped push investment in London up to £52bn from £38bn two years ago.

Nevertheless, Michael Charlton, Think London chief executive, urged London to do more to promote itself in emerging economies to retain its position as a leading global business centre.

India, which historically accounted for a low proportion of FDI, now makes up 16% of new investment, second only to the US, which accounts for 31%.

China accounts for 6% of new investment projects and London receives 15% of China’s total European FDI.

Charlton said Indian companies often thought of London as a natural home, but he added: 'London does not have the same resonance in China, Russia or Brazil as it does in India.'