Prupim today announced details of a pioneering initiative designed to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of a typical property portfolio.

The company has launched the ‘improver portfolio’ to examine ways it can reduce the level of carbon emissions generated by property while maintaining or even enhancing investment returns.

The improver portfolio consists of 25 prupim-managed properties covering all sectors. Environmental consultant ecofys has completed an energy and environmental audit for each property in the portfolio to establish initial ‘baseline’ figures for future measurement, such as the level of energy and water consumption. These audits will then take place annually to ensure the improver portfolio is meeting its twin aims of competitive returns and reduced environmental impacts.

Martin Moore, managing director for prupim, said: ‘commercial buildings account for around 13% of the uk’s c02 emissions and there is enormous potential to reduce this impact if landlords and tenants find smarter ways of working together and running real estate portfolios.’

Paul mcnamara, prupim head of research, added: ‘an attitudinal shift with respect to sustainability has meant that investors and tenants are becoming increasingly choosy about what they will invest in or lease. This gives us reason to believe that properties that have been made more environmentally sustainable will prove more lettable and saleable and, as a result, could perform relatively better than non-sustainable buildings.”

News of the launch of the improver portfolio consolidates prupim’s position as one of the ‘greenest’ companies in the industry. At its holborn bars office property in central london, 49% of the total waste is now recycled, saving over £20,000 on averted landfill tax and carbon emissions have been cut by 21,000 tonnes a year.

Prupim was the first property company in the uk to have been certified with iso 14001, an internationally recognised environmental standard. It remains the only company with this certification.