Prupim saved 56,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions over 2008 – the equivalent of taking 18,000 cars off the road for a year.

It also saved the equivalent of more than 40 Olympic-size swimming pools worth of water across its portfolio, increased waste recycling by 6% at offices and 5% at shopping centres.

Joel Quintal, Prupim’s sustainability and environment manager, said: ‘These issues were once seen as peripheral by fund managers but sustainable management is now vital in combating the financial effects of climate change on investment returns, as well as the physical and social impacts. These results suggest we are some way along the road but there is still a long way to go before we are satisfied.

‘By embedding sustainability into the investment and asset management processes we will be working towards protecting, preserving and future proofing long term property values and returns.’

The energy savings were achieved through measures such as lighting changes, Green refurbishments, reduced water use and improved waste management systems, among other measures.

The figures were revealed in Prupim’s 2008 Sustainability report.