Regus is considering opening offices in Angola, Syria and Mozambique, following the multinationals that are expanding into some of the world’s more obscure locations. Sunday Telegraph

The world’s biggest serviced office provider proposes to follow clients such as Glaxo, Google and Cisco Systems iinto new countries.

In the last 12 months, Regus has already set up offices in Lebanon, Algeria, Indonesia, Columbia and Kenya. It plans further expansion into Africa and the Middle East over the next three years and to grow its global presence from 70 to 120 countries within five years.

Mark Dixon, Regus chief executive, said: 'Globalisation is alive and well and going to more far-flung places because all of the easier places have been done. Generally people going into these places are large companies in the process of international roll-out.'

He said the interest in Africa is coming as much from Chinese and Indian companies as the traditional American and European multinationals.

Regus has just opened its largest centre in the world: a 17-storey building in Shanghai with 1,445 workstations.