Plans by Donald Trump to spend more than £1bn developing a world-class golf resort in north-east Scotland were in disarray last night after councillors threw out the scheme. Financial Times, The Times

The proposal to build a massive complex of two championship courses, a five-star hotel, 950 timeshare properties and 500 houses was put on hold amid bitter recriminations between supporters and opponents.

Trump was considering his position after councillors decided on a casting vote to reject his plans for two championship golf courses, a five-star hotel with 450 bedrooms, a golf academy, almost 1,000 holiday homes and 500 private houses on 1,400 acres (560 ha) of coastline north of Aberdeen.

The chairman of the committee that made the decision said that Trump was holding a pistol to their heads and that councillors were being asked to sell their souls.

Trump has said repeatedly that he has options on land elsewhere in Europe — including Ireland — and that he would not hesitate to take his project there.