If Swan Lake Pier is approved it could lead to a giant pleasure boat cruising the Thames - the Ocean Diva.

Thames with Shard

Source: Shutterstock/ Olavs

This week marked the last chance to object to a very different sort of planning application to the usual submissions for ever-taller skyscrapers.

The proposal in question is the plan to rebuild Swan Lane Pier just upstream of London Bridge. If it gets the go-ahead, it raises the prospect of the biggest-ever pleasure boat allowed to cruise the Thames, the long-as-a-football-pitch Ocean Diva.

The boat’s backers say it will offer a “unique and unforgettable experience”. However, many local residents view it as a booze-cruise nightmare, with up to 1,500 potential party-goers getting loudly drunk every trip.

Property Eye understands that the planning application for the pier will be presented to the City corporation’s planning and transportation committee in the autumn. Expect it to encounter choppy waters.