Historically, if you wanted to sell or lease a property you would produce a glossy printed brochure. Over time, this evolved into creating dedicated websites for buildings and virtual tours.


Now Spanish developer Metrovacesa has come up with a novel way of marketing its residential scheme in Malaga – it is using the metaverse. So essentially it’s using the virtual world to sell physical space.

It has teamed up with Datacasas Proptech to offer potential buyers the opportunity to tour a virtual building in Decentraland – a ‘universe’ in the metaverse (hopefully you’re still with us). Buyers can find out about the Malaga Towers project and view videos and plans.

They can also seek assistance from a virtual salesperson who can help them to reserve one of the homes.

Carmen Chicharro, director of sales, marketing and innovation at Metrovacesa, said: “Our objective with this proof of concept is to create a laboratory in the metaverse in which to test a new relationship channel with a 100% digital customer profile and their desire to acquire a physical or virtual home, forms of payment and investment through NFTs.”

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