Rees-Mogg gets taste of own medicine as MPs forced to use passes to vote.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg

The data revolution may be galvanising commercial landlords everywhere as they seek more and better information on getting people back to the office, but one Jacob Rees-Mogg is not taking any such ‘big brother’ moves in Whitehall lying down.

It seems that the oft-recumbent Tory MP and Brexit opportunities minister – happy enough to leave notes admonishing civil servants for being away from their desks – is not so relaxed about having his own movements tracked. He has taken to WhatsApp to complain about a new House of Commons procedure requiring MPs to swipe their security passes when voting on legislation.

A leaked message from Rees-Mogg on the Tory group chat read: “I do not know why the Commons desires to track our movements in this way. It keeps a record of every occasion a pass is used and where.”

The sight of JRM apparently gagging on a taste of his own medicine garnered wry chuckles – and even accusations of hypocrisy (surely not) from the Twittersphere.

Perhaps the self-appointed back-to-work champion is afraid the authorities will conclude MPs no longer require a swanky SW1 address and can make do with a hotdesk in Slough in future?