Autumn’s top social trend may not have worked out so well for luminaries such as Hillary Clinton and Honey G in recent weeks, but that hasn’t stopped Moorgarth Group taking on the ‘mannequin challenge’.

Mannequin challenge, Market Place Shopping Centre, Bolton

Dummy run: customers and retailers at the Bolton shopping centre have joined the ‘mannequin challenge’ craze

With Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ providing the customary soundtrack, customers and retailers at Market Place Shopping Centre in Bolton, including Costa, River Island and Debenhams, joined the list of people who’ve participated in more than one million challenges that can now be found on Twitter.

Although the five-minute video of Moorgarth’s mannequin challenge is thought to be the first featuring staff as well as customers, it includes the odd elderly couple not playing ball and wandering around and may be a bit late in the day to claim the crown from the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Beehive.

But with Bolton recently coming 18th in Property Week’s Hot 100 Retail Locations, Metropolis is sure the customers will thaw in time to keep on moving to Market Place for their festive spend. It’s not like they tried ice bucket challenging them…