When Ludgate thinks of artists’ abodes, it tends to think of a squat or perhaps an old warehouse, where an impoverished, wide-eyed individual works manically on a canvas.

Prime residential does not spring to mind.

But there are artists and then there is Damien Hirst. This week, it was reported by The Mail on Sunday that shark-loving Hirst has purchased a Palladian-style mansion - the Grade I-listed, £34m, John Nash-designed property on Hanover Terrace that overlooks Regent’s Park.

One of the world’s richest artists, Hirst now has an impressive property portfolio that includes a 300-year-old farmhouse in Combe Martin, Devon; the 300-room Toddington Manor in Gloucestershire; and a villa in Phuket, Thailand.

Presumably Hirst isn’t planning to cut any of them into pieces and preserve them in formaldehyde.