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New build homes

Necessity could well prove the mother of invention

18 February 2017

The emphasis of last week’s housing white paper - more green than white in nature - was on consultation, with a helpful emphasis on multi-tenures and on a diverse and broadening array of players that can contribute. The industry now has a chance to help shape practical policy for the sector as a whole.

Alex Morton

Developers need to understand government's view

17 February 2017

Rising rents and falling ownership are an unhappy political combination, particularly for the Conservative Party.

The Co-operative food store

Co-op may have lost market share but its performance has improved dramatically

17 February 2017

A decade ago, Aldi was the 10th biggest food retailer in Britain. Now it has overtaken the Co-op to claim fifth place.

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John Cook (left) and Mathew Ditchburn

Why CVAs fail more often than not, especially for landlords involved

17 February 2017

In March 2016, BHS entered into a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) with its creditors, designed to transform the company’s fortunes and avoid full-blown insolvency. Just a few weeks later, the retailer collapsed into administration.

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Liz Hamson, editor of Propety Week

Not so great expectations

17 February 2017

We knew bonuses in the agency world were likely to be down this year in the wake of the EU referendum, which is why earlier this month we investigated the connection between the anticipated slump and recent flurry of high-level people moves in our feature, Agents of Change.

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Businessman looking through binoculars

Reasons to be cheerful in challenging times

17 February 2017

Notwithstanding recent reports of increasing distress in the property market, things are certainly not all bad as we look into 2017 (06.01.17).

Melanie Leech

Belief in Brexit is vital for confidence and growth

10 February 2017

Following up on the findings of our sentiment survey, I want to highlight some further details behind the British Property Federation’s Brexit position (27.01.17).

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Will the fall in average wages and bonuses revealed by the 2017 RICS and Macdonald & Company salary survey be reversed in the coming year?