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Grenfell Tower

Javid shows housing associations are 'serious business'

20 September 2017

Forget for a moment the content - sweeping as it was - of Sajid Javid’s speech yesterday; it’s the language that finally marks an end to the Cameron government’s spleen-fuelled approach to housing associations.

Help to Buy

Help to Buy helped builders to profit – and helped the politicians too

15 September 2017

What did George Osborne expect as chancellor in April 2013, when he granted state aid to first-time buyers of new homes in the generous guise of Help to Buy equity loans?

Lexicon Bracknell

Lexicon is the blueprint for retail-led revivals

15 September 2017

Last week, the rebuilt Bracknell town centre opened to the public. Customers in local shops and restaurants may not have been aware of the hard work and endeavour needed to get this far.

Grenfell Tower

We need to get housing to the top of the agenda

15 September 2017

As summer fades, September feels like the start of a new term. Needless to say, housing has slipped off the priority list for many in Westminster. So, as MPs return from the summer recess, we should work to get it back to the top of the agenda.

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Fibre optic cables

E-code clarifies relations between landowners and network operators

13 September 2017

The new Electronic Communications Code is expected to come into force later this year as a result of the Digital Economy Act 2017 receiving royal assent on 27 April.

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Guy Montague-Jones

Back to school with a bang

15 September 2017

There was little sign of the traditional summer lull this year. Indeed, £4.1bn worth of commercial property deals were sealed in August - 17% more than were recorded in July, according to Property Archive.

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Capital Dock, Dublin

Brexit won’t just benefit Dublin’s elite

13 September 2017

Brexit will benefit more than the members of Dublin’s property elite. To think otherwise is underestimating the wider impact the office market uplift will have on Dublin-based businesses of all sizes.


International aspect skewing stamp duty returns

6 September 2017

The additional stamp duty introduced in April 2016 and payable on second homes has unexpectedly generated much more revenue than the government had anticipated, as Emanuele Midolo’s report outlined - but a key aspect not fully explored is how this is partly due to the fact that many ...

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Construction: Swimming against the tide

9 August 2017

The UK construction industry has certainly suffered a bad rap in recent years. While Britain’s corporate sector has earned a glowing reputation for slickness and innovation around the world – particularly in areas such as financial services and technology – the building industry has, for the most part, endured something of a public relations nightmare.

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