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Can anyone help the boomerang generation?

26 May 2017

At last, after 35 years of undersupply, the major parties have woken up to the crisis in the residential property market.

James Townsend

A platform for personality to trump conformity

26 May 2017

Finally, real estate is changing. An industry steeped in traditional views and operating methods is starting to attract the talented recruits who have previously either ignored it or placed it in the reject pile of possible career options.

James Morris-Manuel

Tech should be cornerstone of post-Brexit success

26 May 2017

The historic triggering of Article 50 was marked on 29 March. The virtually ceremonial handover of the official letter to start the process of removing us from the EU means that, as a country, we have entered a period of uncertainty. However, I believe that this also signals opportunity.

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Mossack Fonseca, Panama Papers

Who really owns property?

22 May 2017

Property Week’s report on Who Owns London revealed some interesting insights earlier this year and now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation on a Beneficial Ownership Register to increase the transparency of overseas ...

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Liz Hamson, editor of Propety Week

Are we doing enough to stop the terrorists?

26 May 2017

We all expected it, we all dreaded it and this week we all discovered that despite recent attacks at Westminster and in multiple locations across Europe, we have not yet become desensitised to the horror - some atrocities are simply too shocking.

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Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge - a bridge too far

24 May 2017

The residents of Pooley Bridge know what a bridge is for.  When their one was destroyed by Storm Desmond, the community was literally divided. 

Sutton Court Building

PDR has been a success but more red tape needs to be cut

16 May 2017

I read Simon Creasey’s article ‘Back Door Plan’ with interest - my understanding of the PDR policy is that it was intended to cut red tape and bring forward an increased supply of homes while regenerating outdated and often vacant office buildings.

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Two years on from DTZ’s £1.3bn deal to buy Cushman & Wakefield, can the merger be considered a success?