• Houses

    Rent to Buy plan is the least we need


    The recent Rent to Buy proposal, whereby tenants would rent a property for five years with the option to buy it at a discount at the end, shows that there are creative ways to tackle undersupply on the market.

  • Lending

    Landlords should beware stricter lending criteria


    Buy-to-let lending has been a major topic in recent months and from the end of September, banks and other financial institutions were obliged to apply stricter lending criteria before approving new requests for lending from certain private landlords.

  • Brexit

    Brexit: looking forward means looking back


    News of historic data surrounding the performance of UK commercial property immediately after the referendum vote in June 2016 has played a role in providing the context needed to reassure the market, as well as those all-important overseas investors that have, obviously, shown even greater appeal

  • William Hill

    Livery movement working to help young succeed


    As my year as master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors came to an end yesterday evening I would like to cast some light on the livery movement and how it interacts with the property industry.

  • Ecommerce credit card laptop

    Speed is key if sector is to adapt to ecommerce challenge


    The ecommerce phenomenon is having an increasingly profound effect on the logistics supply chain.

  • Shoppers on high street

    Inflation rise could further 'burn' the High Street


    New inflation figures of 3.9 % are creating yet another punitive business rate hit on UK businesses, potentially adding over £1bn to the troubling rates bill which Jerry Schruder highlighted in last week’s issue.


    Treat tenants as customers if you want to do well


    Given the meteoric rise of co-working providers such as The Office Group and WeWork, it came as no surprise when property agent Cushman Wakefield revealed in July that these types of office had topped the London leasing tables for the first time.

  • 1970s houses

    Five decades on and the world of property hasn’t changed much


    I was lucky enough to receive the president’s special award at the British Council for Offices dinner earlier this month, which of course got me thinking about the world of property since I started writing about it 45 years ago, as a trainee reporter on Estates Times (which eventually morphed into

  • Ashford Designer Outlet

    Ashford Commercial Quarter – open for business


    As a place for business and lifestyle opportunities, Ashford has it all – from fast transport connections, millions of pounds in inward investment and growth, to culture and lifestyle.

  • London skyline

    Online marketing doesn't just work for small buildings


    A question I often get asked is how relevant online marketing and portals are for large buildings.