As Rob Wilkinson noted in his recent comment piece, sentiment plays a huge part in the decision to invest in retail.

However, what Wilkinson leaves out is the importance of access to the right information, which many investors aren’t fully equipped with.

With economic fundamentals looking attractive for retail investors, finding a well-located investment with the right mix of tenants including the social element mentioned (a mix of shops, food and beverage) will be challenging without access to the right data.

Historically, it has been difficult to source up-to-date retail occupier data, especially outside the main town and city centres.

Repositioning of retail assets as part of a placemaking strategy will require access to the surrounding commercial occupier data to ensure there is not an oversupply or undersupply of the same goods or services.

Up-to-date occupier mapping of retail tenants in a town or city will help inform asset management strategies and ultimately drive better returns.

Investors may be only human, but reliance on market data and sentiment should instil them with the confidence to make the correct decisions.

Marcus Ginn, chief executive, Edozo