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  • generic asset management

    Let tax reform foot the bill for Covid


    Editor: Several suggestions are being made as to how we can pay the £400bn bill for the pandemic, such as the imposition of a wealth tax, a raid on pension funds, or withdrawal of tax relief on ISAs. I think none of these are appropriate or politically acceptable.

  • Students in masks

    PBSA sector needs government help


    Editor: With students across the UK having been hit hard financially by the pandemic as they pay for unused student accommodation, the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector also finds itself disrupted by financial turmoil as it tries to resolve the issue without support from the government (‘ Unite offers students ...

  • Shuttered shop

    Chancellor must extend rates holiday


    Editor: Since March 2020, the financial support offered to retail and leisure businesses by the government has been commendable. Only last week, the chancellor offered further grants on top of the monthly £3,000 grants offered back in November .

  • Student

    PBSA remains resilient despite Brexit


    Editor: There are no signs that Brexit will negatively impact international student figures .

  • Brexit

    With the Brexit deal done, prospects are looking up


    Editor: When faced with uncertainty, there is a tendency for people to focus on worst-case scenarios. This has certainly been the case when discussing Brexit.

  • Workspace

    Time to join up the dots for flexspace


    Editor: Flexible workspaces aren’t just offices, they’re hospitality hubs, too. Jonathan Goldstein’s ‘Room Service’ comment  on the trials and tribulations of hotel brand loyalty opens up a debate as to what this might mean for the flexible workspace industry.

  • Proptech

    Tech will be key to success for BTR


    Editor: The pandemic has put BTR in the spotlight and reaffirmed the appeal of renting as a lifestyle choice. In an ever-more saturated rental market, technology will be the crucial point of difference.

  • Climate change

    We can turn green vision into action


    Editor: The prime minister’s ambition to deliver a ‘green industrial revolution’ should be welcomed by all in the property industry.

  • Smart sensors

    Sensor tech can save space and Co2


    Editor: Net-zero or zero-carbon is a bold but necessary ambition for us all if we are going to safeguard our environment for future generations (‘ London office construction plummets 50% ’).

  • Boris Johnson

    The ‘Ten Point Plan’ needs finessing


    Editor: At first glance, the prime minister’s highly anticipated ‘Ten Point Plan’ contains much for the green industries to be positive about.  The plan includes several ambitious proposals and further reiterates the government’s commitment to mobilising investment in this area.

  • Modern office

    Decentralised offices are the future


    Editor: It is shocking but sadly unsurprising to see the extent to which some employees are dissatisfied with the culture of working from home.

  • Old people covid

    Retirement living sector can help to beat loneliness


    Editor: The UK residential property market, understandably, was buffeted at the start of the first lockdown. But during this second lockdown, early indicators are looking good, with the stamp duty holiday undoubtedly helping.

  • Flats

    Pandemic puts BTR in the spotlight


    Editor: The coronavirus pandemic has raised a number of fundamental questions about our economy. On an individual level, it has also forced us to adapt the way we live and work (‘ 72% of employers want to retain home working after the pandemic ’). For many of us, our home ...

  • Generic Office

    Workplaces must adapt to survive


    Editor: M G Real Estate’s Global Outlook Report highlights the uncertainty in the office market and the need for investors to carefully consider where to deploy capital (‘ There is a future for the office, says M G ’). I agree with M G’s Richard Gwilliam; the focus should be ...

  • Business rates,

    Business rates system is rotten apple


    Editor: When rateable values were last updated in 2017, the apple was the UK’s favourite fruit. It now barely features in the top 10 – a sign that a lot has changed in three years .

  • Empty office

    Support for flexspace will help SMEs


    Editor: The Flexible Space Association has called for the chancellor to support the flexspace industry.

  • Retirement home

    The retirement sector needs support


    Editor: Select committee reports, parliamentary questions, ministerial questions and a plethora of academic research – the case for the expansion of the housing with care sector has never been clearer.

  • Stressed home worker

    Offices will be crucial to recovery


    Editor: It is troubling to see UK workers once again confined to their homes, as we enter a second national lockdown.

  • Young people in new home

    Let’s focus on ‘generation rent better’


    Editor: The prime minister’s vow to “turn generation rent into generation buy” with a proposed increase in low-deposit mortgages for first-time buyers suggests a willingness to help young people on to the property ladder.

  • Pos-covid office worker shutterstock_1715748337 cr JaruekChairak-Stop Motion PW150520

    Covid-safe offices should stay open


    Editor: It has been interesting to keep an eye on Avison Young’s ‘Return to Office’ index, highlighted in your piece ‘Office worker numbers hold up despite WFH advice ’.