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  • Work discussion

    Mental health must be top of agenda


    Editor: Corporate environments have made great strides in recent years to shift stigmas around mental health – but there is still much to be done.

  • Run down office

    PDR risks creating a new wave of slum housing


    Editor: The extension of permitted development rights (PDR) is the clearest sign yet of the low regard afforded to the quality of the homes we provide in the UK.

  • View from Southbank

    London is still a magnet for investors


    Editor: With all the noise surrounding Brexit you would be forgiven for thinking that London is teetering on the edge of economic purgatory, and of being cut off from the supply of cautious global capital. The reality is altogether different. 

  • Electric cars charging

    Improving EV charging infrastructure is essential


    Editor: If we have any chance at all of reaching the government’s target of ‘net-zero’ emissions by 2050, then much more needs to be done to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles, or EVs (

  • Office conversion

    Old Labour, new danger over PDR


    Editor: Labour’s pledge to ditch permitted development rights (PDR) is one more reason to fear the ravages of the Labour Party gaining power.

  • Construction housebuilders 636 resized

    Freedom to build extra storeys is not a free-for-all


    Editor: Many landlords are planning for additional storeys to properties in town and city centre locations following the chancellor’s announcement that permitted development rights for upwards extensions will be in place by autumn.

  • Shop window Worthing big read sale sign

    Empty units offer opportunity for UK


    Editor: Debenhams’ drawn-out demise is just the latest reminder that the UK’s retail sector in its current guise is no longer sustainable. An ever-increasing number of empty commercial spaces across Britain’s high streets and retail parks is the result .

  • Brexit

    Article 50 extension may have been worst option


    Editor: Property investors pursuing purely opportunistic strategies will be disappointed with last week’s agreed Article 50 extension, which postponed an imminent hard Brexit. Likewise, real estate brokers looking for market movement will have found little to be cheerful about given extended uncertainty (

  • Brexit

    Brexit: remain and get the best deal


    Editor: I write in response to some of the claims Richard Tice made in his letter supporting his view that the UK should leave the EU for our economic benefit .

  • Workspace

    Stop fixating on millennials – focus on the end user


    Editor: Commercial real estate landlords and managers believe they have a pretty good handle on who millennials are and what they want from their workplace: stripped-back offices, funky seating, industrial-style lighting, coffee and beer on tap and a few splashes of colour. But do they?

  • Egypt

    New Egypt capital must be open to all


    Editor: Having read Emanuele Midolo’s overview of Egypt’s new capital , my first thought was that there was one important aspect that could be included: the opinion of Egyptian people towards the mega city.

  • Social housing

    It’s disheartening to see new housing standards slip


    Editor: London has a long tradition of progressive and sustainable social housing projects. From the late 1800s onwards, organisations such as the Guinness Trust and Peabody have made great improvements to the capital’s housing stock and enabled generations to live in areas throughout central London.

  • Amazon parcel

    Amazon misjudged New York climate


    Editor: I was disappointed that Steve Cuozzo’s recent column  presented such a one-sided version of a complex situation.

  • Shopping mall

    Rates reform needed to help high streets thrive


    Many UK retailers are caught in a ‘perfect storm’, with Brexit uncertainty, rising wages, increased occupancy costs and the growth of online shopping working against them .

  • Office ext generic

    PDR decision sparks light concerns


    The content of the chancellor’s Spring Statement washed over many in the property profession as the Brexit storm continued .

  • hammond

    The Spring Statement: not the game-changer we need


    Amid the Brexit chaos, Philip Hammond revealed unexpected funding for the housing sector last week – a £3bn boost to the affordable homes guarantee programme.

  • High street

    Town centres need joined-up approach


    The future of high streets and town centres remains a hot topic that has now moved into the planning arena, with the proposed changes to permitted development rights (PDR). 

  • Apex airspace

    Airspace development potential may be overstated


    Having read your piece on airspace development (08.03.19), my first thought is: are we at risk of creating lots of expensive penthouses? 

  • EMA Canary Wharf

    Brexit ‘frustration’ dispute is not over yet


    Although the EMA failed to persuade the High Court that Brexit amounted to a ‘frustration’ of its lease at Canary Wharf, it has been granted leave to appeal, so it won’t be the last we hear of this high-profile dispute (‘Canary Wharf v EMA Brexit “frustration” case to go to ...

  • Insight

    It’s far from game over for the UK leisure market


    The global eSports phenomenon has gained unprecedented momentum and, though based online, it is making waves in the property market.