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  • Housing ministers succession chart

    Merry-go-round of ministers adds to uncertainty


    As the political debacle around Brexit continues to unravel, with ministers resigning and abandoning the EU exit strategy, it makes me wonder if housing is being prioritised or sidelined.

  • Construction tech

    Bytes and mortar need collaboration to work


    It is difficult to guess who was more surprised when Kit Malthouse was made housing minister: the industry or Malthouse himself.

  • Rent signs

    Estate agent struggles shine spotlight on property investment


    As traditional estate agents continue to struggle and mull combining with online competitors, now is the time for investors to look at different ways to invest in the property market.

  • The Icon Designer Outlet at London O2 Arena

    ‘Safe haven’ outlets must not get complacent


    Outlets are indeed showing strong growth against full-price retailing, with the premium and luxury sector driving the growth, and are indeed an attractive safe haven from the retail storm battering the UK and western Europe, as Mickola Wilson noted in her recent comment piece.

  • Fizzy Living, Poplar

    Longer tenancies help build better BTR communities


    The government has recently commenced a consultation process with the aim of ‘Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector’. 

  • Old brewery gardens prosperity

    Encouraging BTR is the best way to help renters


    In a bid to drive up standards in the rental market, the government is considering introducing three-year minimum tenancies for private renters to give greater security of tenure , making renting more family friendly and bringing UK regulations in line with what is offered in much of mainland Europe and ...

  • Blackrock Heathrow Logistics Park

    Heathrow sheds set for take-off


    So Heathrow has finally done it. Subject to red tape, a third runway will be built to accommodate more transport routes and passengers and to exploit potential growth in new and emerging markets after Brexit.

  • Construction housebuilders 636 resized

    Land banking is a necessary resource


    It’s interesting to see how Sir Oliver Letwin’s draft report acknowledged the realities facing the housing sector, but also recognised that it is in developers’ interests to complete as many house sales as soon as possible.

  • House of Fraser, Oxford Street

    Local authorities shouldn’t rush into retail investment


    With retail landlords resorting to go rent free on some stores as CVAs from the likes of House of Fraser continue to bite, it’s clear that many local authorities need to start thinking more carefully about their role.

  • Heathrow airport

    Heathrow: localise the impacts, nationalise the benefits


    Previous governments took policy decisions to support a third runway at Heathrow. What is different this time around, apart from a different decade and the fact that MPs have voted in the House of Commons?

  • Telford Shopping Centre

    Retail woes hitting lenders as well as operators


    The disappearance of well-known retailers from the UK’s high streets is affecting the commercial real estate market not just in terms of operators but lending. 

  • Construction

    No silver bullet for construction


    Uncertainty remains the watchword for the UK political and economic environment. Our sector continues – with good reason – to fixate on Brexit, political instability and a mixed London market. But as we continue through a period of economic transition, what’s happening to construction costs in the UK and what ...

  • Thames Hub Airport Foster & Partners

    Thames Hub Airport offers more than Heathrow expansion


    Creating a third runway at Heathrow is a terrible idea.

  • Old brewery gardens prosperity

    Plans to limit number of BTR projects misguided


    With just 40% of Londoners expected to be homeowners by 2025 according to PwC, it is no surprise the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and his team are focusing on how to help the capital’s growing army of renters.

  • Proptech image survey

    ‘Nuts and bolts’ areas are part of proptech wave


    As Property Week ’s report on the growth of the UK proptech market showed, there is no denying the attention technology is receiving in the real estate industry. This buzz is supported by serious investment: a global funding of proptech firms soared 62% in 2017 to £8.5bn.

  • Ann Summers

    Landlords must bear pain of CVAs


    The trouble with calls from  Revo and the BPF for alternatives to the CVA system is that often the alternative is administration – and then what is the value of a legally binding lease?

  • Amsterdam

    Going Dutch on affordable housing


    In response to a growing economy leading to more demand for homes, the Dutch have decided to increase the supply of affordable housing in their capital city.

  • Next superstore

    Time to end phoney landlord-tenant CVA war


    Landlord and tenant relations have enjoyed sustained progress over the past decade, as landlords recognise that tenants need to be treated as customers, not commodities.

  • Bungalow

    Housing provision for pensioners should be a priority


    Over the next 20 years, the number of people aged 65-84 in the UK will rise by almost 39% and the number of people over 85 will rise by 106%.

  • House of Fraser lightning

    Retail is changing – why not taxation?


    The legislative structures and demands governing the relationship between retail and real estate are outdated, inequitable and simply not fit for purpose.