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  • Co-working

    Traditional leases will make comeback


    Editor: I read Anthony Lorenz’s letter ‘ What next for the co-working sector? ’ with interest. As possibly the largest provider of specialist dilapidations services, we are well placed to assess market trends. 

  • Hampstead Heath lido

    Warm weather should be cue to create better cities


    Editor: Summer in the city brings out the best and the worst of our urban lives. I can cycle to work in warm weather, walk to meetings with no umbrella and enjoy the long evening light outside. Congested cycle lanes, stuffy transport and overcrowded outdoor spaces are the trade-off.

  • Myo space 123 Victoria Street

    What next for the co-working sector?


    Editor: Over the past seven years, we have seen the meteoric rise of serviced offices and co-working operators such as WeWork and The Office Group taking long-term leases and buying freeholds .

  • Breakout area

    Outlook for flexible workspace sector still bright


    Editor: The flexible workspace market in London is increasingly competitive and success will require a focused strategy and deep expertise.

  • Retail

    Retail-to-resi: one size does not fit all


    Editor:  In your recent article on the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission’s interim report, Chris Thompson from CACI is right to point out that the UK is over-spaced in terms of retail .

  • Sadiq Khan

    Doing nothing about London rental is not an option


    Editor: The mayor of London’s proposal for residential rent control and tenancy reform is proving controversial, but when so many Londoners are having to rent indefinitely, and 68% of them apparently agree with rent control, it would be more controversial to do nothing about the London rental market ( ‘Khan ...

  • London houses

    Housing: we’re in a catch-22 situation


    Editor: On reading your in-depth piece on increasing housing supply, I couldn’t help thinking we are in somewhat of a catch-22 situation .

  • Topshop

    CVA safety net makes retailer shares a fair bet


    Editor:  I read with interest Liz Hamson’s wonderful editorial stating that “after the successful Arcadia CVA, the battle may be over, but the war hasn’t been won” .

  • Workspace

    Flexible valuation model is a must


    Editor: Current valuation models for flexible workspace centres are not fit for purpose and a market accepted model is now essential to the sector’s growth, especially given increasing interest in the flexible sector and the desire of property companies and funds to invest .

  • Eccleston Yards, London

    Office providers and landlords must work together


    Editor: The continued expansion of the flexible workspace market will be driven by existing operator participants and established property owners entering the sector . We are already seeing a number of traditional landlords embrace a more flexible and tenant-focused approach.

  • Prefab modular construction

    Time to broaden the modular debate


    Editor: Modular housing has been thrust into the spotlight once again with the arrival of Ikea to the sector. The recent momentum will be music to the ears of those with ambitious housing targets .

  • HSBC Bank

    Let’s repurpose the high street for community spirit


    The continued decline of bricks-and-mortar banks is leaving vast empty space on the high street.

  • Flats above shops

    Use class merger bad news for homes


    I am writing in response to Mitchell Labiak’s recent article about the possible merger of business class uses and the impact this might have on the high street (14.06.19).

  • Sustainable building

    Time to up our game on sustainability


    Mitchell Labiak’s recent interview with Steffen Szeidl highlights a dichotomy our industry faces (14.06.19). 

  • George Square, Glasgow

    Flexible workspace providers flock to Scottish cities


    Scotland’s flexible workspace sector is expanding fast, driven by demand that is growing by at least 25% annually in all major cities (07.06.19).

  • Lidl

    Lidl expansion offers opportunities for investors


    Editor: Last week, discount retailer Lidl announced it was to create 40 new London stores as part of a £500m expansion plan (‘ Lidl unveils £500m expansion plans for London ’).

  • Financial Investment

    P2P lending rules should be welcomed


    Editor: The new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules for governing the burgeoning peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector should be welcomed by the industry, especially in the current climate (‘ FCA reveals new P2P rules days after Lendy collapses ’). However, they are not enough.

  • Market Hall

    Markets can play major role in saving high streets


    Editor: Markets can and should play a big part in discussions about the high street’s future (‘ Market Halls set for £20m cash injection ’).

  • Diversity inclusion hands

    Effecting change in industry is our job


    Editor: Your leader last week responding to a complaint about the lack of gender diversity in the magazine made for difficult reading. And that’s because you are completely right – property has a diversity problem and the responsibility lies with us, your readers, not you .

  • Flats

    Time to celebrate renting as a lifestyle choice


    Editor: As Samuel Horti touched on in his recent market report, a chief job of branding agencies is to work with developers to get the unique benefits of BTR across to target consumers .