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  • Auction sign

    Investors on parade: why more and more shops are going under the hammer


    On the face of it, parades of local shops in secondary locations might not seem attractive investments but they are becoming increasingly popular with buyers in the auction room.

  • Investing Money

    P2P could be in for a bumpy ride


    With historically low interest rates, a decreased appetite by high street lenders to lend to SMEs following the financial crisis and an opportunity to use technology to gain an advantage over traditional processes, the rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms has not been surprising.

  • Planning and dev

    What is the structures and buildings allowance and how is it applied?


    The government first introduced the structures and buildings allowance (SBA), a tax allowance for commercial property designed to stimulate investment on structures and buildings, in October 2018. 

  • WeWork

    Feet of clay cannot keep walking


    REITs’ share prices rebounded 5% in a Brexit relief bounce as the receding risk of no deal drove up the value of sterling against the US dollar.

  • Finance generic

    Why institutional funders are increasingly attracted to non-bank lenders


    There is nothing new about non-bank lenders focusing on the real estate sector. They have been around for a while and the trend has been exacerbated by the ongoing inability and unwillingness of more traditional forms of finance to evolve.

  • David Parsley index

    Old school Ritblat set to gain favour over nouveau Candy in Capco battle


    There was a time when the Ritblat name meant a lot more than the name Candy in the property world. Clearly no longer. 

  • Investment

    Investors flock to alternatives


    Political and economic uncertainty is driving investors to reconsider their investment portfolios and driving them towards alternatives more than ever.

  • City of London

    What does the end of LIBOR mean for CRE finance?


    UK policymakers are clearly determined to move financial markets off the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), used by the floating rate loans that dominate the UK CRE financing market.

  • Houses

    How do you present a lending opportunity correctly?


    Presenting lending opportunities can sometimes be challenging as it varies between funders as to what information is required at the initial enquiry stage. 

  • Apex - Marion Court

    How is public funding changing?


    Public sector funding in the residential real estate development market has significantly increased in recent years. At a national level, Homes England has led the charge alongside regional bodies such as the Greater London Authority (GLA). This demonstrates government’s drive to facilitate housing delivery.

  • Financial Investment

    Are some lenders living on borrowed time?


    We are facing an unprecedented period of political and economic uncertainty with mounting confusion over Brexit and an increasingly volatile global market.

  • Investment

    The struggle for funding is real


    Securing finance is consistently listed as one of the biggest challenges facing SME developers, especially when they are new to the development game.

  • Retail

    Are lenders tarring retail assets with the same brush?


    If you believe everything you read, the rise of online shopping, an oversupply of retail space, and the demise of a long list of household name brands means the end of physical retail as we know it.

  • Westfield

    Stockholm syndrome for REITs?


    Are REITs suffering from Stockholm syndrome, the unusual bond that sometimes develops between hostages and their captors? REIT chief executives seem to be mesmerised by property valuations that aren’t the same as prices. Consequently, they risk buying shares back at the wrong prices and not selling their businesses at the ...

  • William Hill

    Would CVAs prove a good bet for troubled bookmaker chains?


    When William Hill announced that it was consulting with landlords over plans to close 700 betting shops, other big retail bookmakers such as GVC Holdings (parent company of Ladbrooks Coral) and Betfred made similar noises. This follows the government’s decision to cut the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). ...

  • Cambridge colleges

    The Arc’s passage to economic prosperity


    The government’s Industrial Strategy focuses on developing the UK’s knowledge-based economy – a vital part of future-proofing our country’s competitiveness.

  • NYC apartments

    New rent law rocks NYC landlords


    New York City’s real estate moguls are reeling from the worst political defeat in their history. 

  • Graph – annual total return (%)

    Woodford woes prompt liquidity rethink


    The well-publicised Woodford scenario has again brought open-ended property funds to the front pages of the national newspapers, referencing the illiquidity mismatch between their underlying assets and the offer of daily liquidity.

  • Financial crash

    How beach body ready are you?


    The next major end-of-cycle crash in commercial property values will almost certainly not happen for some time. But if I am wrong and the crash is imminent, the way the market is behaving is very definitely different this time.

  • Generic finance graph fall

    Housebuilders look to investors


    One of London’s popular locations for housebuilding saw a startlingly low number of private sale construction starts in the first quarter of 2019. In Zone 2 just outside central London, only 77 new homes got under way, according to research by Molior London. That’s 97% lower than the 2015 peak ...