As it launches its Inspiring Diversity in Property Campaign Property Week  is calling for everyone to make a change, no matter how small, to start moving the needle on diversity.

Property Week’s recent survey revealed that 83% of employees feel empowered to impact diversity. Yet, in perhaps one of the most worrying findings of this poll, nearly a quarter (23%) said they had either witnessed or been subject to discrimination in their workplace in the previous 12 months, with nearly 4% of these also saying this had been “frequent”.

As Rosa Parks said: “One person can change the world.”

Making a commitment to Inspiring Diversity in Property is about the role you as an individual have to play and we are asking everyone to personally pledge to do something positive in your own way to support increased diversity.

See the table below for examples but you can pledge in any of the following ways to raise awareness of the issue, acknowledge your own blind spots, committee to equity at home, or to take action and walk the walk.

  Example: personalExample: work  Example: society
 Raise awareness I pledge to … take my children to see wheelchair athletics or women’s football I pledge to… join or set up a diversity network I pledge to… go into schools to talk about equality
 Acknowledge blind spots I pledge to … support my wife with childcare I pledge to… do bias training I pledge to… make sure I don’t make assumptions when I meet new people
 Equality at home I pledge to … support my wife with childcare I pledge to… tell colleagues that I’m attending my child’s sports day using flexible working I pledge to… tell my friends that I share the housework
 Take action I pledge to… make a point of talking to more diverse people in my personal life I pledge to… mentor or sponsor someone in my organisation/sector to get a better understanding of their needs I pledge to… talk to my neighbours about their cultures and be more inclusive in our street
 Walk the walk I pledge to… listen to everyone’s view points I pledge to… make sure everyone has a voice at meetings I pledge to… act sensitively when I encounter vulnerable people in society

If you would like do your bit then please fill in the short form below, or alternatively click here.

PW will then be in touch to confirm your pledge through social media.