Johnny Caddick

Johnny Caddick

Johnny Caddick is director at Caddick Group

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    BTR looks to a healthier future


    Lockdown is easing and parts of the nation are emerging from weeks of isolation. We’re not out of the woods yet, but a vision of normal life is visible on the horizon.

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    Build-to-rent could help bail out retail


    Western cities were largely created to accommodate cars and with this came the huge boom in retail parks and shopping malls across Britain and the US. Shopping and cars are both changing, though.

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    Encouraging BTR is the best way to help renters


    In a bid to drive up standards in the rental market,the government is considering introducing three-year minimum tenancies for private renters to give greater security of tenure, making renting more family friendly and bringing UK regulations in line with what is offered in much of mainland Europe and also in ...

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    A turning point for development in regional cities


    This year may well be remembered as the year when talk of rebalancing the economy away from London turned from rhetoric to reality.

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    19 February 2010

    Johnny Caddick, director at Caddick Developments