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  • Hotel room generic shutterstock_548927521 Kanyapak Lim

    Hotel, office, home: It’s all in the mix


    Over the past few years Property Week has frequently cited the trend of ‘hotelification’ in prime office development.

  • Warehouse_shutterstock_Alba_alioth_529683889 PW070220_

    What does the future hold for BTS?


    Head along any motorway in the UK and before long you’re bound to pass a vast warehouse development.

  • AI

    Can AI cut it in property?


    This week we examine how artificial intelligence (AI) might help, hinder or transform the property sector.

  • ITV studios redevelopment

    Gove finally provides a soothing South Bank surprise


    The long-awaited and much-delayed decision on the future of London’s South Bank will have triggered gasps of relief as much as surprise, given how many must surely have been holding their breath for the outcome.

  • Construction site

    Ducking the deadly blows when contractors crash


    Given all the challenges and setbacks a developer must survive before the first shovel goes into the ground on a new project, it must feel like a particularly brutal punch in the face when a contractor suddenly collapses before completing the work.

  • Michael Gove shutterstock_2229800903 LINGTREN

    Why Gove’s proposed ground rent plan is nuts


    The phrase ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ doesn’t quite measure up when it comes to the overblown solutions that housing secretary Michael Gove is weighing up to fix problems with residential ground rent. 

  • Supreme Court_credit_shutterstock_Kit Leong_1649169775

    The Supreme Court’s carbon conundrum


    The notion that a single courtroom verdict might throw the entire planning system into chaos does provoke a cynical question: how would we tell?

  • London_credit_shutterstock_Vittorio Caramazza_705835333

    There’s no profit in standing still


    As you may have noticed, during the holiday break we’ve had the decorators in to update our print magazine’s look and feel. I hope you like the result, which is part of Property Week’s never-ending effort to improve the service we provide.

  • shutterstock/Min C. Chiu

    2023 in review: words from the wise


    It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to the months gone by. Rather than attempt to come up with my own sage observations, I have instead purloined the thoughts of the industry’s finest, all of whom were interviewed by Property Week over the past year.

  • Net zero_credit_shutterstock_Deemerwha studio_2143046893

    COP28: time to pick up the pace


    This week’s COP28 summit provided a suitable point at which to assess the UK’s progress in decarbonising its built environment, with reports from RICS and UKGBC, among others, providing clear lines in the sand for the industry.

  • MMC home assembly

    Life and death with modern methods


    The case for modern methods of construction (MMC) has long been described in the most polarised terms.

  • Jeremy Hunt Budget briefcase shutterstock_2275392711 Fred Duval

    Forgotten but not gone: what’s not in the Autumn Statement


    Every Budget or Autumn Statement is notable for the measures not announced as much as those presented at the despatch box.

  • Meta generic

    Meta surrender epilogue: British Land outlines Regent's Place plan


    In September, I used this space to ponder the circumstances around Meta’s surrender of the lease it had taken out on 1 Triton Square, a redeveloped office building in British Land’s Regent’s Place scheme.

  • Construction site

    Building needs a zap, stat


    Most of us would welcome a drop in the headline rate of inflation, but we must be careful what we wish for. Deflation – or falling prices – is not healthy either, resembling instead the slowing beeps of a monitor as the patient slips away.

  • Dominic Cummings

    Decisions, decisions: from the Covid inquiry to levelling-up


    The current public inquiry into the handling of the Covid crisis has so far painted a deeply unflattering picture of the way central government arrives at decisions. Among an extraordinary amount of mud-slinging from former advisers, a couple of things stand out.

  • Logistics - CS

    Logistics: highs and lows


    The government’s call for evidence on ‘Freight, Logistics and the Planning System’, a consultation that opened in July, closed earlier this month and we must now await a government response in the fullness of time, whenever that might turn out to be.

  • Engineer railway

    Is infrastructure on track?


    The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), an independent agency formed to give advice to government, now publishes a major review of infrastructure progress once every five years – the first National Infrastructure Assessment having landed in 2018.

  • Sir Keir Starmer's conference speech 2023 - credit: The Labour Party

    A glittering performance?


    As protests go, showering someone in glitter is probably at the preferable end of hurled substances.

  • HS2 Manchester

    All change please


    “The right thing to do when the facts have changed is to have the courage to change direction.” So said prime minister Rishi Sunak in his speech to the Tory conference on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Meta

    What to make of Meta?


    Meta’s astonishing decision to spend £149m wriggling out of its commitment to lease a London office building from British Land says more about the California-based social media giant than it does about the state of the UK office market.