Next week, Soph and I will be in London, not Cannes. 

Spin class

For the first time in a decade, we will not be going to the ‘Massive International Piss-up In March’ (which this year is in September). Although to be fair, given that only 4,000 to 5,000 people will be there, you’re likely to get served at Caffé Roma in under half an hour.

After spending most of the last 18 months WFH, a trip to the French Riviera is very appealing, but we can’t justify blowing £5k on two days abroad with mostly French real estate people.

Instead, Soph and I will go for dinner at our client’s The Good Life Café down in Surbiton and celebrate setting up Pastis Communications – named after the restaurant in Cannes – with a bottle of vegan bubbly.

With a new logistics developer client on board paying us £3k a month, we’re going to hire a university grad to join us on about £23k a year. Pre-Covid, we had two other juniors with us but, in corporate bullshit parlance, we had to ‘let them go’.

We’re also looking for some office space. Funnily enough, the City is now the cheapest place to rent. With all the talk about returning to the office this month, it is a bit embarrassing that we don’t have an office to return to.