Soph and I made the right decision to miss this year’s ‘Massive International Piss-up in March’ in Cannes, as it wasn’t massive, hardly international, took place in September and, as for piss-up, only if that comprises four people having an early evening drink in Caffé Roma.

Spin class

We’re now considering next month’s Expo Real. It’s not too expensive and after nearly two years of Covid-induced celibacy, we might road-test Tinder (which we’ve both rejoined) in Munich.

We might have worried about having no one here doing the work, but next week an amazing grad is joining us on 23k a year. Soph and I had worried about being caught up in the war for talent, with about one third of employees looking to change job or career.

When some recruitment firm asked 1,200 comms employees to rate the most important elements of a job package, ‘competitive salary and bonus structure’ (we offer a low salary and no bonus) had, mercifully, fallen down the list, while 45% ranked ‘team, people and culture’ as most important, followed by ‘flexible working’.

If our ‘team, people and culture’ didn’t swing it, our four-day working week and no official office must have been the deciding factors.

There’s no zeit like the zeitgeist, as they might say in Munich.