Robert Whitton and Daren Burney’s Rom Capital Group has taken its spending for the year to more than £100m with the £35m purchase of an industrial portfolio from RREEF.

The deal for the five-property strong UK portfolio, was completed on behalf of Rom’s £400m UK opportunity fund.

The properties total just less than 1m sq ft and are let to tenants including Excel Europe and Recall. The properties are in Dartford, Doncaster, Birmingham and Newport, South Wales.

Former AAIM chief executive Whitton said: ‘We are not waiting for the market to fall further. We offer a price to sellers that reflects the projected decrease in property prices – meaning we are paying tomorrow’s prices, but are buying today, giving sellers certainty and speed of sale in a difficult market.’

He said: ‘We are now looking to invest another £100m over the next 6-12 months