Homeric Room, 8:45am: Geek Boy is back from San Fran, full of the joys of proptech. Promising interest from GBH, he met as many start-ups as possible. The bearded idiot has been gabbing for 45 minutes on how we’ll be apped out of existence, replaced by robots, drones and software brighter than a shed agent.

Agent P

Sensing Team P has had enough, I shout: “Bollocks! Prop-con more like. Snake oil sellers, suckering VC investors into believing the more dollars you rain down on them the bigger the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Geek Boy is an innocent pawn in Operation C&K. Last year, Our Bloody American Masters in Atlanta nearly crapped their pants over a $500,000 Gartner report on proptech’s impact on GBH. At a global huddle in that godawful hotel Trump owns in Washington, our top guns asked: “What would [ex-client] Donald do?”

Operation C&K was born. Get our geeks to talk to their beardy kind and report back. Dismiss the clunkers. Lure those who might eat our lunch. Capture and let our culture kill the threat. My Man Upstairs said the idea came from how Trump C&K’ed the Stormy Daniels story.

I didn’t dare say that tale hasn’t ended well… or even ended.