Friday 25th March, Titanic Room. 8.00am: Team talk! Feels good sharing a room again with my five campaneros. I feel they deserve a briefing on the secret work I have been doing as part of Operation Winston, namely a history review of Russian client files in case we turned the odd blind eye.

Agent P

Truth be told, it became a bit boring. A few awkward emails were ‘lost’ and the odd know-your-client file ‘updated’. My Russian clients were small fry and had fortunately left GBH UK for bigger-fry agents years ago.

I tap my nose. “Not a word outside this room, but I have been involved in a review of our dealings with Russia. You can take it from me that GBH UK is clean.” Not a flicker of interest. Charlie Boy actually yawned!

If only they knew the whole truth. Turns out Dimitry with the polysyllabic surname, who has run our Moscow office for years, had some stinky stuff on the thumb drive he took to Atlanta HQ. He was running a Cayman Islands subsidiary of GBH for ‘special’ customers, with fees routed through Geneva to Atlanta. A crisis management PR consultant has been hired.

Dimitry is now hiding out in his substantial Swiss chalet. If the story drops, his silence has been bought with a $1m bonus, deferred until 2025.