What a slow week it has been. The stifling heat on Monday and Tuesday meant Soph and I barely moved. We both have fans but they seemed to make little difference. And the emails slowed down, too. The summer lull has started very early.

We made a point of phoning all our clients and we got the same message from all (bar the Vegan café owner, who’s still doing a roaring trade) – properties aren’t selling, transactions are being delayed, bank debt is getting more expensive.

People say they are taking a break, waiting until September, unsure of where the market is going. Soph and I believe they do know where the market is going (off a cliff) but don’t want to admit it. Our logistics client, who has sold half his portfolio, spoke to us from a boat in the Med, where he will be for two months.

I feel lethargic and uninspired. Is it a temporary thing? The pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, the Westminster village idiots vying to succeed Bozzer…an early midlife crisis? I read that we are now in the age of anti-ambition. Many people have taken stock – of how they spend their time, where they find meaning, their hopes for the future – and found work wanting. Is that me? It is this week, for sure.