Our week away in the south of France at Mipim is over for another year and it’s back to a banking crisis.

Spin class

Soph and I did pretty much the same as we always do: did a bit of work, ate a lot of good food, drank Minuty rosé and shopped on Rue d’Antibes. Come rain or shine, we’re entirely predictable, like Mipim itself. The backdrop may be the collapse of Bear Stearns, war in Ukraine or a Credit Suisse crisis, but the chat on La Croisette or outside the bunker is the same – something like: “Shame about the [insert brief description of the crisis]… What are you doing tonight?…Fancy a drink at Caffé Roma?… Are you going to so-and-so’s party?…”

To be fair, we reckon there was less drinking this year. Lunches seemed to be far more sober events. And we get annoyed with lazy journalists who write about the popping of champagne corks. There really isn’t much champagne drunk; it’s beer and wine mainly.

We contributed to the Mipim awards with our own accolade: biggest male fashion crime. In third place: the suit with scarf round the neck, favoured by middle-aged Europeans (a scarf should only be worn with a coat or jacket). In second place: a gilet worn over the shirt and under the suit – a terrible look. And the winner? The suit with loafers and no socks – the sign of a complete banker.