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  • Inspired villages tattenhall

    Retirement living: a sector in flux


    The wider specialist housing market for older people is currently in a state of transition and structural change, and it’s probably no exaggeration to say that in five year’s time, the market might look unrecognisable to the sector we have today.

  • Expo Real 2017

    Investor's chronicle: what can we learn from this year's Expo Real in Munich?


    In the last three years, Munich’s Expo Real has become the hub of capital markets activity for European real estate, with Mipim a glamorous alternative more focused on development and regeneration.

  • High Street

    Place shaping is key to salvation of the high street


    Stories about our high streets have been dominating the headlines of late, with a number of retailers and casual dining brands falling casualty to the ‘perfect storm’ of business rates, wage inflation and a change in consumer trends.

  • Francis Crick__Laboratory - HOK

    Science & tech: new avenue for commercial developers?


    Consider a recent RICS survey headline: ‘Punishing time for retail continues’. The report provides a dire prediction for high-street retail. Declines in demand have triggered sharp increases in available space. The outlook for retail hasn’t been this bad since the recession, suggests the survey.

  • Flats

    There is a model of freehold that can work for tenants and owners alike


    This week, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced a consultation on a major reform of ground rents. In many respects it’s kicking at an open door.

  • Modern flats

    Build-to-rent holds promise for long-term investment


    The housing crisis is a hot topic not just in the property industry but across society as a whole. A report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee said that the UK government needed to boost its homebuilding target by 50% to create 300,000 new homes each year to ...

  • Workspace

    Operator model offers landlords a flexible future


    Some 79% of commercial landlords say they plan to launch a flexible office offering in the next year, according to a recent CBRE study. With the co-working sector enjoying a 10% growth spurt in recent months, traditional landlords are playing catch-up. So how can they enter the co-working market?

  • Theresa May dancing

    Theresa May dances back to the days before Thatcher’s housing revolution


    Mrs T must have turned in her grave. Last week, her latest successor ushered in a return to mass council house building, undermining the defining policy of the Thatcherite revolution.

  • resi2018_trailblazers-15

    RESI Trailblazers showcase sector's entrepreneurialism


    When I looked around the room at the first ever RESI Trailblazers networking reception at last month’s RESI Convention, I was struck by the sheer diversity of businesses and organisations represented, from local authorities to proptech start-ups.

  • 4 Kingdom Street

    Better urban design can boost our mental wellbeing


    Heads Together, the mental health initiative spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex, recently launched an initiative aiming to change the way we approach mental health in the workplace.