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  • Bullring Birmingham

    Big bad wolf will blow REITs down


    REITs are like the fable of the three little pigs who built three houses of straw, sticks and bricks. The big bad wolf was only unable to destroy the house made of bricks. For straw, read shopping centres. For sticks, read offices. For bricks, read the alternatives of ‘beds (student ...

  • Regents Crescent

    Can tech preserve the future?


    In Britain, you cannot escape heritage. From Norman castles to Georgian townhouses, we are surrounded by history.

  • Laptops flex working

    Flexible offices head out of town


    Reading Property Week ’s annual start-of-the-year feature last week, it was striking how highly retail as well as the challenges from the  political environment figured.

  • Oxford Street

    Politicians dash high-street hopes


    These are interesting times for the British consumer. Sainsbury’s chief executive Mike Coupe stated that the British were behaving as if they were in the midst of a recession. Yet consumers are living in a period with economic conditions most chancellors of the exchequer would die for.

  • Technology

    Tech not politics is market driver


    There’s no point speculating on where our exit (or indeed non-exit) from the European Union is headed anymore.

  • Working environment

    Regeneration should be less toxic


    In recent years regeneration as a concept has become toxic, a byword in the public mind for gentrification, social cleansing or some other negative practice. It is often thought of as something done to communities, not for them — and certainly not by them.

  • Patty & Bun Brighton

    Fluid opportunities on the horizon for casual dining in 2019


    Arguably, the casual dining market peaked at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016. In the year that followed, we saw a constant decline in the property market, followed by a domino of CVAs across the sector in 2018.

  • High street

    How to reimagine the high street


    The UK high street is in a mess and this year we’re likely to see further decline, failure and destruction.

  • Diversity

    Time to confront gender bias


    The shortage of talented senior women in property is much commented on, but do the reasons stand up to scrutiny?

  • Proptech Image

    2019 forecast: we must evolve as an industry


    Reflecting on 2018, it has struck me just how rapidly our industry has evolved – not only in the recent past, but also when considering the speed of further evolution that we’re likely to witness in the coming years.