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  • Vauxhall Cinema Club launched at The Workshop

    Regeneration: worthwhile not meanwhile


    Ever since we moved from being hunter gatherers to farmers about 12,000 years ago we have wanted to make land productive. It is still true today. A farmer looks at a piece of unused land, sees it as waste and wants to change that.

  • Shout from rooftops

    Voice of property must be heard in these uncertain times


    The voice of commercial property is silent. Newspapers overflow with reports of the negative effects of property development and overseas investment on our society - who is spelling out the real facts? Who is fighting for fair taxes and regulations of our sector?

  • Unite Students accommodation at Grand Central in Liverpool

    Student accommodation providers must up their game


    Investor interest in student accommodation has yet to show signs of a slowdown, with investment volumes for Q1 2017 up £0.7bn on the same period last year, according to the recent Quarterly Student Housing Index from JLL.

  • Housebuilding

    The UK needs social housing now more than ever


    Recent events have highlighted some big gaps in our society. The general election served to show that the divisions from last year’s EU referendum remain and are unlikely to heal any time soon, while the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy has shockingly underlined how we have disregarded housing support for those ...

  • Andy Burnham

    Andy Burnham’s spatial framework rewrite isn’t necessarily bad news


    Andy Burnham, the new mayor of Greater Manchester, has been true to his mayoral campaign commitment to undertake a radical rewrite of the emerging spatial framework, most noticeably with a view to rolling back planned changes to the green belt.

  • Gleeds infographic

    The true cost of upgrading Britain's towers


    All residential towers are different, and as such the cost of addressing the fire safety issues vary on an individual basis.

  • Steve Norris

    It’s business as usual come what May after awful election campaign


    Having predicted a Tory majority of 50 the last time I wrote for this august organ, I approach the future with some diffidence. I will not be alone.

  • Alok Sharma housing minister

    Tories must implement white paper


    The Conservative manifesto promised to ‘fix’ the dysfunctional housing market so that there are affordable and secure houses for all, and the new housing minister Alok Sharma has to follow through on this pledge

  • Brexit

    Brexit: one year on


    A year ago today the UK electorate made the now familiar trip to the polling station and took one of the most momentous decisions in our nation’s democratic history.

  • 2 Finsbury Avenue

    Storey launch will plug gap in flexible workspace market


    “We can’t control the wifi”; “the coffee machine always breaks, so everyone has to be their own barista”; “either my PA is always getting up and down to answer the door or one of the team is”.

  • Fizzy Living, Poplar

    As ownership falls, the private rented sector will boom


    The millennial generation’s living habits are changing. Responding to these trends with the provision of suitable housing will help to bridge the supply and demand imbalances among a demographic that is experiencing the lowest-ever levels of home ownership.

  • London skyline

    Property will remain attractive despite political turmoil


    While the election has caused huge uncertainty in Westminster, we must remember that political drama does not always translate to upheaval in the property investment market.

  • Grenfell Tower

    Everything must change after housing’s 9/11 – there cannot be another Grenfell


    Everything changed on the morning of 14 June 2017. Grenfell Tower was UK housing’s 9/11. From now on, more homes need to be built - and be built better. Hang the ideology.

  • Grenfell Tower RH

    Grenfell tragedy makes social housing top priority


    The horrifying event last week at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington and resulting anger will force the industry and Government to face up to the challenge of funding for the delivery of affordable housing, as well as its quality and safety.

  • Great Property Bike Ride 2016

    World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride Blog: the final countdown


    There are only  two days left before over 800 cyclists come together to embark on the World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride - and chairman of EMEA retail at CBRE, Malcolm Dalgleish, tells us about his excitement ahead of his third participation.

  • Whole Foods Market

    Store Wars: the Empire Fights Back


    Physical stores generally have been given the ultimate vote of confidence from the unlikeliest of sources. Supposed high street tormentor-in-chief Amazon is to fully traverse the divide into store-based retailing through the $13.7bn purchase of Whole Foods.

  • CBRE Bike Ride 3

    World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride Blog: final week


    Lisa Commins, a senior surveyor at CBRE talks about taking on the World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride for the first time ever.

  • Brexit

    Measure twice – you only get to cut once


    In my column in March, I described how I was encouraged by the industry’s dialogue with government and observed that, despite most people’s views that Brexit was bad for the UK, it appeared we were looking to the future and trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

  • London skyline

    Hung parliament brings uncertainty – and opportunity


    With no party winning an outright majority at the election and the process for Britain leaving the EU to be initiated with key meetings shortly, the country still dealing with the aftermath of its third terror attack in three months and Trump ruling the US via a series of erratic ...

  • Theresa May

    Next time the Tories must offer a positive vision


    At the start of the year, I wrote in my Helical board paper how 2017 might unfold politically across Europe. Nowhere in my musings was there the prospect of a UK general election.