• Financial Investment

    Multi-let assets win on flexibility


    Which is a better investment? A single-let or a multi-let asset?

  • Workspace

    MLI owners should embrace flexibility in the sector


    Editor: There is concern among multi-let industrial (MLI) property owners that the emergence of new operators in their sector could see them relegated to passive owners of an underlying asset . However, the experience of the flexible workspace sector suggests that this does not have to be the case.

  • Debenhams Oxford Street

    Retail CVAs could limit local funding


    Editor: Now that Debenhams’ CVA plans have been approved by its creditors , the struggling retailer will eventually be able to close a third of its 166 UK stores to continue trading.

  • Silicon Valley

    Lessons from the Valley


    Silicon Valley, the high-tech hub of the Bay Area, is not just a place – it is a brand synonymous with innovation. Countless household tech companies have been founded, ballooned in size and sold for eye-watering sums within its zip code.

  • WeWork London

    We ignore WeWork at our peril


    Liz Hamson’s piece last week on great places to work reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a group of industry colleagues about WeWork. Was it likely to IPO at a huge price or was it actually bound to crash and burn? Frankly my dear, I don’t give ...

  • Diversity inclusion hands

    Protecting mental health in construction


    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, an opportunity for all of us to show solidarity with our colleagues, friends and family who may be struggling with mental health problems, and to consider ways we can help them.

  • High street

    Let’s reimagine our high streets


    Debenhams has joined the ever-growing list of retailers that have fallen prey to the long, slow death of Britain’s high streets.

  • Construction

    Development as a force for good


    At Newcore, we are out twisting the arms of the wealthy and generous of Oxford and the South East to raise £3m of extra funds to regenerate a church, crèche, café, drugs outreach and community centre in one of the poorest parts of Oxford.

  • Parkway Community Bus

    Retail therapy aids mental health


    This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week and this Monday Ellandi, working with Knight Frank, published its latest annual research into community shopping centres, titled Beyond Retail. 

  • Brexit

    Brexit calls for landlord flexibility


    Brexit is having an impact in the rental as well as the for-sale market. Concerns are growing over changes to regulation; dips in property value; possible interest rate hikes meaning rents will have to increase, affecting affordability for tenants; and the ambiguity around having EU nationals as tenants.