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London Gateway

Bidding for Freeport status begins in England


Bidding has begun to establish seven new Freeports across England, with the first expected to be opened in 2021.


Temporary mortuary being built at Birmingham Airport


A temporary mortuary is being built at Birmingham Airport in order to cope with the expected rise of Covid-19 deaths.

Heathrow sign and plane

Ruling against third Heathrow runway sets dangerous precedent


You might expect me to be pleased at the recent Appeal Court ruling that the government had wrongly given Heathrow’s third runway the go ahead, given that I never believed it made economic or environmental sense.

Planes at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow third runway appeal lands in Supreme Court


UK developer the Arora Group is appealing a judgment to the UK’s Supreme Court after the ruling found plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport are illegal.


Plans for third runway at Heathrow ruled illegal


Plans for a controversial third runway at Heathrow airport were ruled to be illegal by the court of appeal on Thursday because it would violate the UK’s climate commitments.

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