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Future of Freight: planning reforms must not be the end of the story

By Caroline Musker

A radical change of direction could soon be underway for the freight and logistics industry, following publication of the government’s new Future of Freight plan. Calls for evidence on various aspects of its vision and priorities have already started to land.

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The Elizabeth line is a sleeping giant

By Peter Ferrari

The opening of the Elizabeth line in May represented a historic achievement. To say Crossrail had been long awaited is an understatement: plans for an east-west railway across the capital have been around in some guise since the 1880s, albeit the Crossrail name was not coined until 1974 and royal ...

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Freeports start to take shape

By Tim Clark

These designated tax and custom sites are piquing the interest of developers. Tim Clark reports

Paddington OSD - Image 1 - Grimshaw Architects

​Elizabeth line will serve as catalyst for the property industry

By Graeme Craig

To say that many of us in the property and construction industry were looking forward to the Elizabeth line opening would be a huge understatement. It marked a defining moment for transport and its impact will be widespread, encouraging sustainable travel by providing new journey options and reducing travelling time.

Liverpool st Elizabeth Line sign

Elizabeth line keeps City on track

By Shravan Joshi

Following the uncertainty created by the pandemic and the UK’s departure from the EU, I am delighted to kick off my term as planning and transportation chairman at the City of London Corporation with positive news for the Square Mile and the capital.

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