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Think tank: rise of the robo-agent?


A growing percentage of an agent’s day-to-day tasks is being undertaken by technology. So what role are agents likely to play in the property industry of the future and should agencies view the ‘proptech revolution’ as a threat or as an opportunity to enhance their service offer? Freeths hosted a ...


The greatest ROI technology provides is insight

By Angelica Donati

The fact that proptech is not a passing fad has been amply proven.

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Tech can reduce risks and costs of property services

By David Smith

Data and technology can enhance services and improve safety and efficiency in property management


Get ready for the commercial property data revolution

By Ryan Masiello

In these uncertain times, modern commercial real estate landlords and operators have turned to technology and data to weather the storm and gain a competitive advantage. Those that do so are arming their companies with an ability to quickly pivot operating models, reallocate investment to counter risk and capitalise on ...

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How technology is changing the landscape of shopping centres

By Clare Andrew

Everyone knows technology has been playing an increasing role in the retail industry over the past few years, helping the industry with everything from enriching the customer experience and getting shoppers in the door to entertaining them once they’re in and helping them to share their experience with others.


Proptech needs better dialogue

By Adam Malik

It was great to see Coyote’s Oli Farago emphasise the need for true dialogue between the property and technology communities.


Proptech: investor insight


A growing number of venture capital investors are willing to back proptech start-ups and some have set up sector-specific funds.

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Coyote sprints hard in first year


Coyote chief executive Oli Farago tells Emanuela Barbiroglio how he turned M7’s in-house software into a growing business.

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