All the latest market reports and features on the residential sector

Smithfield Aerial

Next phase of Smithfield scheme under way in Stoke

By Robyn Wilson

Plans progress despite contractor setback. Robyn Wilson reports

Barton Park

Housing can bridge the generation gap


The UK lags behind on schemes that bring younger and older generations together. Gavriel Hollander reports on how it plans to catch up

The Keel Liverpool

BTR still has growing up to do


As the sector matures, will whole portfolio deals become more common?

Artist impression of new site at heart of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland

Key development projects take shape in Renfrewshire

By Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone reports on plans for airport area and Paisley

Farnworth town centre

Community hub could be just the boost Farnworth needs

By Andrew Stone

Bolton Council is leading the regeneration.

X1 developments

Manchester’s forgotten island set to return to former glory

By Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes reports on the transformation of Pomona Island

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