Vivienne King

Vivienne King

Vivienne King is chief executive of Revo

  • Flats

    Time to dispel real estate myths


    In March, I had the pleasure of supporting an event by Revo and Hammerson exploring the barriers to diversity in real estate, our struggle to be representative of the society we serve and the difficulties in being understood as a net contributor to society. I was left pondering the question: ...

  • ESG

    It’s time to embed ESG in our DNA


    Real estate is arguably the world’s most visible industry, impacting the way we live, work and travel, and the way we interact with each other. As a result, our sector is uniquely positioned to create long-term environmental and social value, assimilated alongside creating shareholder value (its traditional purpose).

  • West End Covid

    Extended moratorium: taking from Peter to pay Paul


    Editor: It is true that Covid-19 has brought many retail and hospitality occupiers to crisis point – and some with little support from property owners.

  • Corby closed shops Covid

    Rates reform vital to save retail


    The new Covid-19 variant makes things worse for retail when we hoped they might be better. The best hope for non-essential retail is a combination of furlough, meaningful grant levels and 100% business rates relief through to the end of the pandemic.

  • Closed high st Liverpool

    Retail needs a lifeline to survive


    It’s hard to imagine how the past three months could have been any tougher for the retail property sector.