Brexit analysis

  • London white Edwardian houses

    Resi volumes pick up in London


    Whisper it, but something seems to be stirring in the hitherto moribund London residential market. People have stopped fretting about Brexit and started buying and selling houses again.

  • 4a Commercial Way-3

    BidX1 raises less than half the total achieved at February sale


    Auctioneer puts lower takings from latest online auction down to investors’ hesitancy over Brexit

  • May with EU Flags

    To end Brexit fiasco May must go


    Liz Hamson commented in last week’s editorial that whatever other impacts Brexit might have had on the UK economy, it doesn’t seem to have damaged the residential sector as much as anyone might have predicted . I’ve always said that this would be the case. 

  • Brexit

    Article 50 should be revoked


    I am a Brexiteer and have spent a great deal of time explaining and arguing why I believe that leaving the EU was a bold and important move.

  • Financial Investment

    UK commercial investment falls 15% in Q1 amid Brexit delays


    Investment activity in the UK commercial property market tumbled by 15% in the first quarter of 2019 thanks to uncertainties caused by Brexit, according to data from JLL.

  • Brexit

    Article 50 extension may have been worst option


    Editor: Property investors pursuing purely opportunistic strategies will be disappointed with last week’s agreed Article 50 extension, which postponed an imminent hard Brexit. Likewise, real estate brokers looking for market movement will have found little to be cheerful about given extended uncertainty (

  • Brexit

    Brexit: remain and get the best deal


    Editor: I write in response to some of the claims Richard Tice made in his letter supporting his view that the UK should leave the EU for our economic benefit .

  • Brexit EU and UK boxes

    Six-month extension to Brexit deadline dashes upturn hopes


    Firm reports 27.6% year-on-year fall in Q1 deal volumes as prolonged Brexit uncertainty dampens market

  • Parliament 2019

    Parliament’s restorative dome


    Given the mood of the country, pitchforking parliamentarians into a shed in Tamworth and bulldozing their decaying talking shop would win more votes than spending £4bn restoring the Palace of Westminster. Insurers may view the shower (water, not people) that caused the Brexit debate to be suspended on 4 April ...

  • Selco Trade Centres Wythenshaw

    Trade brands buck retail slump


    Investors target trade counters as tenant demand grows and supply is squeezed.