Running out of steam and needing a fresh perspective to give your new build marketing efforts more impact?


To stand out you sometimes need an injection of inspiration and a helping hand from the experts to bring your ideas to life.

A case in point

With 40 years of print and property marketing experience, Ravensworth has been supporting developers and estate agents in the planning, development and marketing of their new build properties.

We’re in a unique position to offer not only CGIs, floor plans and print, but also creative design services and marketing materials that agents need to raise awareness of their developments, both online and off.

One of Ravensworth’s larger and more recent projects is Spinning Acres, the eight phase development on the outskirts of Leeds from local residential landlord and property management company Pickard Properties.

H2_SITE_NEW_STILLS_NOV_2017_0004 The Spindles

Ravensworth’s The Spindles

For most new build projects the substantial cost puts pressure on generating a return on investment as quickly as possible. However many will agree that selling to consumers off plan can be difficult. And persuading investors to part with cash is challenging.

The solution for many lies in the branding, marketing and CGIs of the properties and development as a whole - helping people picture what it would be like living there.

Adding the wow factor

Kitchen 3

CGI technology and software has drastically improved in the last 10 years. So much so it’s hard to distinguish between real photos and computer generated imagery. This makes it easier for interested parties to visualise how a development will look, even before the first brick is laid.

For Spinning Acres, Ravensworth created CGI images of 14 properties, spread over four property types, and internal CGI images of nine different rooms, adding another dimension to marketing these ‘houses’ as ‘homes’ in the eyes of the renter.

The interior and exterior images were used to create a virtual walk-through of the site and a whole three storey home’s interior, which is available to view on the Spinning Acres website also created by Ravensworth.

Making the complex simpler

This project isn’t the simplest due to the complexities of the build. But we took the time to fully understand the concept behind the development and created stunning visuals which have been instrumental in Pickard Properties’ marketing campaign.

Floor plans are a great way to show the layout of a property at a glance and are generally one of the first things that people study in detail. The layout plans for the different property types created by Ravensworth were used by Pickard Properties throughout the development brochure.

Inspiration behind the brand


The brand also needed to have longevity and capture a luxurious and stylish feel while appealing to a wider audience at different stages in their lives.

Taking inspiration from the local area’s textile heritage, Ravensworth’s design of the Spinning Acres brand icon resembles the industrial landscape from which Far Headingly grew, and is how Pickard’s wanted the heritage of the site to be reflected in the branding.

Our client is in the business of selling a lifestyle, not just a rental property, and capturing the interest of people in a competitive market is not without its challenges. With our help they have created powerful on-site and online branding with eye catching window cards, CGI imagery, a table top lifestyle magazine, animation and a micro-site design that brings the development to life.

When looking for a partner on projects similar to this, we find a lot of clients choose us because we offer all the services they need under one roof.

By Graeme Edwards, Ravensworth general manager

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