As Alex Morton’s recent column highlights, the government’s white paper marks a significant moment for the UK housing sector.

The housing market in the UK has long been dominated by larger housebuilders. SMEs find it more difficult to demonstrate stability, longevity and endurance within a turbulent market.

The accelerated construction programme could offer the latter a vital lifeline as it aims to promote partnerships between the government and SMEs, so could offer an effective route to building new developments.

By targeting surplus public sector land for development, and encouraging the development of new and innovative methods of construction, such as pre-fabrication, the accelerated construction programme could deliver a much-needed boost to smaller players in a big market.

The white paper is a step in the right direction of recognising the role SME housebuilders will play in the future of the sector. Is it enough, though? Time will tell, but the report shows an encouraging move by the government to address the challenges facing those looking to make their mark on the UK housing market.

Robin Hopkins, partner and member of the property and construction team, Menzies