After the Tour de France has reached its climax you might be inspired to ramp up your training before Thursday’s Great Property Bike Ride.

CBRE Great Property Bike Ride


The last thing you should be doing is cramming miles into your legs to get yourself event ready. The hard work should already have been done. Now is the time to prepare in other ways.


If you can’t resist the temptation to get out on the road then just go out for a couple of gentle rides. Don’t do anything too challenging and certainly don’t embark on any lengthy routes. Just get the blood into your legs and the cobwebs off your cleats.

In my opinion, the best preparation in the final few days is to relax. Get a massage – a deep tissue massage is the best albeit rather painful – or some last minute physio. You don’t want any niggles you may have suffered during training to flare up on Leith Hill. I am also doing the Prudential Ride London event on the Sunday after the Great Property Bike Ride, so I will certainly be on the therapist’s table (if not sofa!) this week. There will also be physios at the start and finish of the event to give you a rub-down for a donation of £10 to Shelter.

Avoid mechanical issues

While the physical preparation is all but complete, you must make sure you bike and kit is in top order. While bad-luck can befall anyone, you’ve worked too hard to have the day ruined by a basic bike fault that could have been avoided. Get your bike properly serviced, or, at the very least, check the brakes, chain and gears are all clean, correctly lubricated and ready to go.

Get your kit ready too. There will be mechanics on hand at the start of the event to help get tyres to the right pressure and sort any minor technical issues, but you should also have your own inner tubes, pump, tyre irons, and multi-tool in case you suffer any incidents on the road.

Clothing is important too. Check, the weather and dress appropriately. All riders will get a jersey on arrival but you need to bring other clothing that you will be comfortable riding in. While we’re confident sun-cream will be required rather than rain jackets it’s best not to be caught out.

I look forward to seeing you on the road.

Malcolm is cycling the 100km route in Property Week CBRE Great Property Cycle Ride 30 July 2015. To take part click here.

Malcolm Dalgleish, Chairman EMEA Retail