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Automotive & roadside

Lookers' Battersea dealership

Is scheme combining car dealership and homes a new mixed-use model?

By Nick Hughes

Lookers’ car dealership boasts flats above – is it a one-off or a new mixed-use template?

Electric car charging point

Not all doom and gloom for car dealerships

By Noella Pio Kivlehan

Dealerships appear to be holding their own in an increasingly challenging market for new cars.

NCP new pic

NCP think tank: future of car parks in a changing world

NCP brought together a panel of experts to discuss what the future holds for car parks, including yield gaps, the changing state of town centres, new developments, the potential impact of electric vehicles and how technology could affect the sector.

Electric cars

How should developers react to the government’s technological ambitions?

By Charlie Reid

Last year saw the government launch its ’Road to Zero Strategy’ and introduce the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018.


Starbucks UK franchise 23.5 Degrees eyes expansion


Coffee giant Starbucks is planning further UK expansion through its franchise partner 23.5 Degrees.

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