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  • Justin Taylor

    Timing is critical in any walk of life


    It is often said that timing is everything. This is certainly true in sport, politics, property and retailing. The evidence is there to see, particularly over the last few days.

  • Trafford Centre

    My verdict on Simon's Capital Shopping Centres bid


    What should Capital Shopping Centres’ directors do as they head off for their meeting to consider US group Simon’s £2.9bn indicative bid this afternoon? Read on to find out.

  • Blogs

    Marathon Blog: The Good-Looking Champion


    Yesterday I was crowned, by an adoring throng of my colleagues, as the Good-Looking Champion. I should, perhaps qualify that statement. Unfortunately my colleagues were not paying homage to looks (I maintain I look like Brad Pitt’s younger, more attractive, brother – no-one else agrees.)

  • Pol Roger

    Invaluable Christmas wine tips courtesy of Mark Adams


    I celebrated the second anniversary of my firm Mark Adams LLB in Fortnum and Mason’s wine bar 1707 with a prospective client and a glass of Pol Roger 2000.

  • Blogs

    No need for Shard-enfreude


    My new pastime is Shard Watch. I am fascinated by the speed of its ascent, etching the famous back-of-a-menu sketch on to the sky.

  • Westfield Stratford

    Westfield Stratford casts shadow over surrounding centres


    I was back on site at Westfield’s (and their new partners) Stratford City development recently which is mightily impressive notwithstanding it was paralysingly cold!

  • Blogs

    Lying Lawyers


    It never ceases to amaze me that a lie ends up being so contorted that it trips them and the inconsistency grows

  • Fashion spy

    What to wear when shooting the McBreeze?


    I've been very kindly invited to join a syndicate for a days shooting in the Scottish Borders; whilst delighted to be considered eligible for such a grown up affair I'm thrown into that very familiar panicky spin - what does a girl wear?

  • Bremner

    Gold for Bremner at BCSC


    Last week was of course the BCSC Annual Dinner and presentation of the Gold Awards 2010.

  • Peter Rees

    Who's who of London property congratulates City planning chief


    Any lunatic wanting to wipe out the London property market could have done so by blowing up the City’s Goldsmiths Hall on Friday.

  • Sir Winston Chruchill

    A Christmas Champagne guide Sir Winston himself would approve of


    As I watched Dimitar Berbatov score Manchester United’s second goal on Saturday I found myself suddenly thinking about Champagne; perhaps, more because of the impending holiday season than because of United’s slightly improbable place at the top of the Premier League.

  • Blogs

    The Blizzard of Blame Culture


    I will never cease to be amazed how the blamers of society will criticise and carp, have fool-proof solutions but never put themselves forward to positions where they could actually influence or control.

  • Blogs

    Urban facelifts need different plastic surgeons


    Being a bridge between the public and private sector is rather like living in the twilight zone. I am not in one camp or another, but focused on the sweet spot that will help move things forward in a productive way.

  • Donald Trump

    The day Donald Trump phoned my wife...


    It was May 2003 and Mrs Barrie took the call in our kitchen. `Is that the Barrie household? I have Mister Donald Trump for you’.

  • Justin Taylor

    Retail property is dynamic and can adapt to tougher times


    BCSC and MAPIC were yet again a welcome reality check in terms of the retail development pipeline and occupier commitment.

  • Blogs

    Perception vs Reality


    One of the perennials a property manager faces is the wild exaggeration and extrapolation.

  • London Marathon

    Marathon Blog: The Bet


    What I am about to do can go one of two ways. If I am successful in what I am about to attempt then my rotund friend Jay, who currently lives in China, will be forced to run naked around Tiananmen Square. If I fail then I will have to ...

  • Blogs

    Stewardship and the City


    Sometimes London reminds me of that game where you have to recall the items that have been removed from a tray; what was there before?

  • Blogs

    The right regulation could decrease LVT demand


    The Government should realise that they could bring in regulation to try and make everyone’s life easier and avoid huge costs at LVT

  • as

    Big Apple offers perfect antidote to CSR blues


    Just back from a week in New York, to catch up with the city and get a fix of ‘Big Apple juice’, an antidote to the CSR blues. I’m always ‘up’ after a trip.